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TIGER SHARK-PLANTEX Flap Disc - 7/8" Arbor Hole

Price: From $53.60 to $133.90
Manufacturer: CS Unitec

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Wheel Size:
The new dimension for grinding aluminum
TIGER SHARK-PLANTEX® elastic discs are unbeatable for the
difficult grinding of aluminum. High material removal, reduced
grinding temperature and no glazing with aluminum particles
make the TIGER SHARK® the first choice for these
applications. This flap disc, with its ceramic/corundum cotton
abrasive fabric, also offers high grinding capacity and low tool
costs for steel and nonferrous metals. The backing plate is
elastic PLANTEX® earth-friendly compound and adjusts well to
the shape of the workpiece. TIGER SHARK® is ideal for
grinding curved surfaces and shapes, and it is often used in
car body shops, car workshops and for tool making.
The excellent features of the TIGER SHARK® can be enhanced
even further with the newly developed Kangaroo ALU-FIX®
OIL. A quick spray on the workpiece will solve many of the
problems you may have encountered while grinding aluminum
in the past. Glazing is no longer necessary, the material
removal rate is up to 300% higher, the finish is visibly better –
and the flap disc will last around three times longer.
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