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Type-27 Flexible FAC Grinding Wheel

Price: From $73.80 to $135.50
Manufacturer: Pearl
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The Pearl Flexible Grinding Wheel combines the advantages of depressed
center wheels and resin fiber discs. Its design properties allow for
flexibility when grinding, shaping, blending and finishing.

When you’re in need of a flexible FAC grinding wheel, you need look no further than the Type-27 flexible FAC grinding wheel offered by Abrafast. Our grinding wheels are unparalleled in quality and structure. Our Type-27 flexible FAC grinding wheel comes in dimensions of 5” X 1/8” X 7/8” to accommodate all your grinding needs. Flexible grinding wheels like this one offer you a variety of benefits.

Flexible grinding wheels combine the advantages that depressed center grinding wheels offer you along with those that resin fiber discs offer you. They are premium sanding discs that have more to offer you in the way of faster and longer lasting grinding. Because of their flexibility, they can grind materials much faster than some other types of grinding discs. They also tend to last longer since not as much wear and tear is put on them.

On top of that, their flexible nature allows you to achieve a closer fit between the wheel and what you’re grinding. This results in more precise grinding and a better overall quality on your completed project. The finish of your project will not only be more precise, but it will be smoother than it would have been without a flexible grinding wheel.

Flexible grinding wheels are also easier to operate. They provide less vibration during the operation process, and they don’t require as much effort on the operator’s part. Therefore, you won’t tire out as quickly operating a flexible grinding wheel as you will some other more rigid types of grinding wheels. No matter what type of project you’re working on, these grinding wheels can make the job that much easier.

The next time you’re in need of quality flexible grinding wheels, turn to no other retailer than Abrafast. We have a variety of grinding wheels, and our flexible ones are among our most popular ones. They come in numerous sizes designed to accommodate all your grinding needs. Don’t go without the quality grinding wheel that you need to get the job done right. Turn to Abrafast for all your grinding wheel needs.


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