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Blind Bolt Geomet 500 Finish

Dacralon Finish Blind Bolt
Price: From $4.18 to $45.00
Manufacturer: Blind Bolt
Manufacturer Part No: BBS-3125-2.0

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Bolt Diameter & Length:
Blind Bolts are revolutionary fastening devices used in steel applications where there is no backside access.   These bolts allow for architects and engineers to safe time in design and the building process. With blind bolts you do not have to make time or space to tighten bolts, that are hard to reach. The Blind Bolt provides an innovative solution without the need for welding, or expensive tools.  Components can be successfully attached by simply inserting the Blind Bolt, and tightening the nut.
The Dacralon Finish makes these blind bolts even stronger. Geomet 500 provides extra protection against erosion. This makes the bolts stronger and more durable. The finish does not impact the installation of the bolt and still has easy install. Abrafast allows for bulk orders and we give discount volume pricing. 

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