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• CS Unitec Portable Magnetic Drills and Drill Accessories

CS Unitec offers a wide selection of Portable Magnetic Drills. 
Ranging from:
*Large Diameter Holes up to 5-1/8"
*Tapping up to 1-5/8"
*Pneumatic - For Hazardous Areas
*Hydraulic - For Marine & Construction - Works Underwater

•  CS Unitec Portable Magnetic Drills
CS Unitec Portable Magnetic Drills, which includes many different models to meet your specific drilling needs!
CS Unitec Portable Magnetic Drill Accessories
CS Unitec Portable Magnetic Drill Starter Kits and Magnetic Clean Up Wands, Countersinks and Geared Chuck Adapters!

CS Unitec Portable Magnetic Drills

In some work environments, investing in a stationary magnetic drill is ideal. For example, in a machine shop or another type of work environment where projects are completed inside the facility, a fixed-style of drill is suitable. However, when you need to take your equipment with you to job sites, you need to invest in portable magnetic drills. You can find the best selection of quality drills from some of the top brands in the industry when you shop online through Abrafast. We understand your desire to purchase the right equipment for the tasks you plan to complete without spending a fortune. With our great selection of products available, you can easily find what you are looking for through our website.

At Abrafast, we carry almost a dozen different models of portable magnetic drills. While each has unique features and benefits, all are designed to be lightweight, economical and high in quality. One of the most important features to consider when you are shopping for magnetic drills is the width of the hole that the drill will create, and our products are suitable for creating holes as large as five inches or more. Tapping capabilities are available for more than 1.5 inches. In addition, some of the models available through our website can be mounted or may be suitable for use in tight spaces. We also carry marine or underwater models for use in specialized work environments. With so many great options available for you to consider, you will easily find the right portable magnetic drills for you to use on the job through Abrafast.

In addition to the great selection of products available to you through Abrafast, you can also benefit from our low prices and great shipping policy. While we carry high-quality equipment that is designed to be used in rugged, demanding work environments, we also understand that you need to find the best value with your purchase. We are committed to providing our customers with great prices, and we also keep most products in stock for rapid shipment to you. We invite you to explore the many models of magnetic drills we offer and to make a purchase today.