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ConFlex Large Diameter Masonry Screw Anchor

Large Concrete Screw Anchor - 3/8" Diameter
Price: From $33.75 to $72.00
Manufacturer: Black and Decker
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Sizes: 3/8" and 1/2" diameters
Actual thread O.D. is greater than nominal screw
anchor diameter designation (see thread diameter
information on following page)
Material: Alloy steel
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Yield: 92,000 KSI min. (Grade 5)
Tensile Ultimate: 120,000 KSI min. (Grade 5)
Finish: Silver Stalgard® corrosion-resistant coating
Corrosion Resistance: 800 to 1,000 hours in salt
spray testing without red rust (per ASTM B117)

Curtain wall and glazing
Blast- and impact-resistant
window systems
Accordion and pull-down
hurricane shutter tracks
Racking and shelving
Maintenance and repairs
Window and door frames
Mudsills and ledgers
Material handling
Pool enclosures
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