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PLANTEX® High-tech Compound Flap Disc 80 Grit x 7/8" Arbor Hole

Price: From $53.60 to $146.60
Manufacturer: CS Unitec

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Wheel Size:
PLANTEX® offers important advances in
grinding performance, service life, protection
for the environment and personal safety.
The development of the new PLANTEX®
high-tech compound has resulted in the
production of the first flap discs in the world
with a backing plate made of natural hemp,
with polypropylene used to bind it. In
addition to excellent material abrasion and a
long service life, the discs offer maximum
operator safety, protection of natural resources
and environmental friendliness.

When you are shopping for the highest quality products to use with your grinding equipment, you do not need to look beyond Abrafast for you solutions. At Abrafast, we understand the importance of providing our customers with superior products at affordable prices, and this is what you can expect when you shop with us. Through our website, you can easily place your order for the Plantex high-tech compound flap disc. This innovative 80 grit flap disc is designed to provide you with the best overall grinding experience possible.

When you take a closer look at what the Plantex high-tech compound flap disc has to offer, you will see that it is made with an innovative design that sets it apart from other products on the market today. It has a unique backing plate that utilizes natural hemp coupled with a polypropylene abrasion material. This material provides you with an environmentally friendly grinding experience, and it also is designed to keep your environment safe and healthy. More than that, it provides you with a truly advanced grinding experience. It is designed to provide you with long-lasting life and durability while also minimizing the stress that is placed on your grinding equipment. Because Abrafast strives to provide our valued clients with quality products at affordable prices, you can select from three available sizes of this 80 grit flap disc when you place your order online, and you can lock in a great rate for your purchase.

At Abrafast, our goal is to help you get the products you need in a timely manner. Because of this, we keep most of our products in stock, and we have an internal process that allows us to ship most products out to customers on the same day the order is placed. When you need to get your hands on the Plantex high-tech compound flap disc for your professional or personal needs, you can rest assured that Abrafast will not let you down. Take time to learn more about this 80 grit flap disc and other options available to you through Abrafast today.