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Pearl Xtreme PX-4000 Diamond Cutting Blade for Metal 7" x .060 x 7/8", 5/8" (Max RPM 8,730)

Cutting Blade - 8,730 RPM
Price: $83.14
Item Number: PPX4CW07
Manufacturer: Pearl
Manufacturer Part No: PX4CW07
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The Xtreme PX-4000 is a brand new line of diamond wheels from Pearl Abrasive Co. that is excellent for metal cutting applications.  These high quality blades are meant for cutting metal, stainless steel and a variety of ferrous metals with less odor and debris compared to standard Cut-Off wheels.   The Pearl Xtreme PX-4000 blades are rated to a much higher RPM than your typical carbide tipped ferrous cutting circular saw blades. The PX-4000 also has a thin, yet sturdy kerf design; this allows the operator to make angled cuts without having to worry about the blade flexing, unlike standard thin abrasive cut-off wheels.   The blade tips of the Pearl Xtreme PX-4000 feature a high concentration of diamonds with an extremely strong bond, increasing the longevity of your blade. The Pearl Xtreme PX-4000 blades have fast cutting speeds and longer life, which provide a cost-effective alternative to Circular Saw Blades and Abrasive Cut-off wheels. Call Panther today and try out these Premium Blades from Pearl

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