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Simpson Titen HD Screw Anchor 3/4" Diameter Mech. Galvanized

Price: From $22.00 to $79.10
Manufacturer: Simpson Strong-Tie
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TITEN HD®Heavy Duty Screw Anchor for Cracked and Uncracked Concrete

The Titen HD® anchor is a patented, high-strength screw anchor for concrete and masonry. It is designed for optimum performance in both cracked and uncracked concrete; a requirement that the 2009 IBC places on post-installed anchors. The high strength, easy to install Titen HD anchor has been tested and shown to provide outstanding performance in cracked and uncracked concrete under both static and seismic loading conditions. The self-undercutting, non-expansion characteristics of the Titen HD anchor make it ideal for structural applications, even at reduced edge distances and spacings. Recommended for permanent dry, interior non-corrosive environments or temporary outdoor applications.

ICC-ES ESR-2713 (Cracked and Uncracked Concrete)

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