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Blind Bolt

  • Dacralon corrosion resistant finish standard
  • Safe and simple to install
  • No special tools required for installation
  • No oversized holes needed
  • Can be removed without damage
  • Versatile fixing cavity
  • Available in stainless steel
Thanks to the unique flexability of the Blind Bolt we are constantly finding new areas where the product can save time and money, as well as increasing our range of sizes.  The Blind Boltbrings exceptional qualities to the market in that it has transcended the first generation of blind fixings image to become a product that is changing the way architects and builders alike approach their designs.  No longer is fixing into a girder cavity or box section a problem. The Blind Bolt has created this opportunity while in most cases reducing costs.  The Blind Bolt is now being used in areas where never expected and we are sure there are many more uses for the system.

BlindBolt Technical Specifications: View Imperial Information | View Metric Information


Blind Bolt Downward Installation

Blind Bolt Downward Installation from BLINDBOLT on Vimeo.

Blind Bolt Horizontal Installation

Blind Bolt Horizontal Installation from BLINDBOLT on Vimeo.

Blind Bolt Vertical Removal

Blind Bolt Vertical Removal from BLINDBOLT on Vimeo.

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Stainless Steel Blind Bolts
Blind Bolt A4 Stainless Steel
Price: From $11.28 to $33.40
Blind Bolt A4 Stainless Steel
Available in 304 & 316 Stainless Steel
Dacralon Finish Blind Bolt
Blind Bolt Geomet 500 Finish
Price: From $4.18 to $45.00
Blind Bolt Geomet 500 Finish

Blind Bolt

Abrafast is a true leader in the fastening and cutting industry, and we regularly provide our valued clients with convenient access to the latest and most beneficial products available. While there are many styles of bolts that you can purchase through our website, many of our valued clients are interested in the blind bolt. This high-quality product has a number of excellent features and applications that are changing the way bolts are used in construction and other industries, and you may discover that it is highly suitable for use in your work activities.

The blind bolt is a stainless steel bolt that is available in a wide range of sizes for use in various applications and settings. It has a variable fixing cavity for improved functionality, and it is easy to remove without damaging surfaces. When you compare this style of bolt to other options available, you may see that it offers numerous benefits for your specific applications. For example, there are no special tools that you need to invest in for installation, and it can be used with several types of materials. It is easy and fast to install, and it has a corrosion-resistant finish that provides you with durability and long-lasting function. While this can be used with some types of replacement or repair functions, some design professionals and architects are creating plans that implement these bolts in the plans for enhanced aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Abrafast is your best online resource when you are in the market to purchase the blind bolt. You can easily learn more about this innovative product through the website, and you can also take advantage of low rates with volume pricing for bulk orders. We keep these bolts in stock and ready to ship to you immediately. You never have to wait long for your products to arrive when you make a purchase through Abrafast. Whether you are searching for a trusted and reliable supplier to use for your bolt purchases or you are interested in learning more about this innovative product, you can spend time reviewing the options through Abrafast as a first step.

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