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• BOA Pipe Sander Belts

BOA Pipe Sander
Electric or Pneumatic

All-around polishing solution for hand rails, pipe and tubing.

The LRP 1503 Boa Pipe Sander is the perfect solution for sanding and polishing pipe constructions. The sanding arm snakes up to 270° around the radius of the pipe. The operator simply rotates the BOA slightly to achieve a full 360° finish. Spring resistance between the deflection rollers ensures that the sanding arm and belt are always uniformly tensioned. The BOA saves time finishing stainless steel and other ferrous and nonferrous pipe.

  • Variable-speed control; 12 to 40 ft./sec. belt speed
  • Maximum pipe Ø: 5" diameter Quick, tool-free replacement of sanding belt High-quality 270° sanding arm is made of light alloy with two deflection rollers for quick progress, perfect finish and simple operation
  • Additional side handle can be rotated 180° in narrow spaces


BOA Pipe Sander Abrasive Grinding Belts
Zirconium & Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Grinding Belts - 1-1/2" x 30" and 3/4" by 30"
Sander Belt - Fleece Non Woven Belts
Fleece Non Woven Belts for Finishing & Polishing

BOA Pipe Sander

If you work with pipes in your construction or heavy industrial activities, you may understand how important it is to be able to grind, sand and even polish these materials with precision and speed. While there are numerous types of products and equipment that you can invest in to streamline the tasks that you need to complete, the fact is that the BOA Pipe Sander from Abrafast may be the perfect option for your needs. This is a high-quality product that is designed to make it easier for you and your team to sand or polish pipes around the entire radius of the pipe at the same time, and there is incredible benefit in this function.

The BOA Pipe Sander, available to you through Abrafast, has an innovative sanding arm that is designed to wrap three-quarters of the way around the pipe, and it has a movement function that allows the arm to sand and grind with 360-degree coverage at the same time. Its unique design features deflection rollers that create uniform tension while the machine is in operation, and this ultimately allows you and your staff to save time while sanding or grinding. Furthermore, it creates smooth, even results with minimal effort. You can use it to finish a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous pipes as well as stainless steel pipes. It also boasts variable speed operation and has an easy-to-control function.

Through Abrafast, you can purchase the pipe sander as well as various other supplies and accessories to use with it. This makes it easy for you to purchase the equipment and supplies you need in one location and at a great price. You can learn more about the features and benefits of this sander through the website, and you can place your order today. All products are kept in stock in most cases, and this means that you can quickly receive the products you need through the website when you make your purchase. Take time to learn more about the benefits of this product to determine if it is best suited for your needs, and place your order for this and other fastening, grinding and abrasive products that are suitable for use in your facility today through Abrafast.