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• Flap Discs

Type 27 and Type 29 Flap Discs can grind, blend and finish in one step. Flap Discs can be used to advantage in many applications that involve the use of depressed center grinding wheels and / or resin fiber discs by eliminating two step finishing and tool change time, thereby reducing total job cost.

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Plantex Flap Discs
Flap discs for grinding steel and stainless steel, with hemp/polypropylene backing.
Flap Discs - 60 Grit
Specially designed for grinding aluminum
Predator Type 27 and Type 29 Ceramic Zirconia Flap Disc
Predator Type 27 Flap Disc and Predator Type 29 Performance Coated Ceramic Zirconia Flap Disc
Abrasive Discs - Pearl Greenback Flap Discs
Pearl Easy Trim with Internally Threaded Mounting Falp Discs

Flap discs are one of the most innovative types of tools available in the industrial sector, and we are proud to carry a wide variety of flap discs in our inventory here at Type 27 and Type 29 flap discs allow you to grind, blend, and finish whatever you’re working on all in one easy step. Therefore, it helps you cut down on the amount of time that it takes for you to get the job done, making the completion of your project more efficient. Not only does it make completing your job able to be done in a more efficient manner, but it also reduces the total costs to get the job done.

These types of discs can prove to be advantageous in various types of applications, especially applications that involve the usage of depressed center grinding wheels and resin disc fibers. These discs eliminate the need for you to go through the traditional two-step process of finishing and changing out tools. Because of this one benefit, they are one of the most popular new types of innovations on the market.

At, we offer you different types of these discs. The top ones provide additional cooling to help improve the performance of your grinding and to help improve the performance life of your stainless steel. We also have shark discs that are specifically designed for grinding aluminum. Additionally, we have discs that are specifically made for grinding steel and stainless steel that has hemp and polypropylene backing on it. We even offer the top-of-the-line Predator discs that have a unique construction that allows them to offer outstanding performance.. Predator discs are constructed of proprietary grain mix that combines two grinding aids to offer you the best grinding performance.

When you’re in need of any type of discs or grinding agents, turn to We are sure to have something in our inventory to accommodate your needs.