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Heavy Duty (HD) Bolt

Heavy Duty Bolt from BLINDBOLT on Vimeo.

  • Quick and easy to install.
  • No oversized hole required.
  • Finished with Dacralon coating giving excellent protection.
  • Increased assembly efficiency

The HD, or Heavy Duty, bolt was developed to address the need for a shorter blind fixing with improved performance where a shear plane would fall across the legs of a Blind Bolt.  With its expanding serrated base the HD bolt is the idea fixing solution between heavy weight steel sections. The HD bolt employs a simple activation method designed to reduce installation time and expense. A hammer and a spanner are all thats required to active the HD Bolt removing the need for costly specialist equipment required with similar products.

BlindBolt HD Technical Specifications: HD Bolt Technical Details

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Heavy Duty Blind Bolt - 304 Stainless Steel
Heavy Duty (HD) Bolt 304 Stainless Steel
Price: From $13.38 to $34.65
Heavy Duty (HD) Bolt 304 Stainless Steel
304 Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Bolt.
Heavy Duty (HD) Bolt Dacralon Finish
Price: $5.95
Heavy Duty (HD) Bolt Dacralon Finish
Dacralon Finish Heavy Duty Bolt.

Heavy Duty (HD) Bolt

There are many factors to consider when you are in the market to purchase a heavy duty bolt for your specific work functions. Certainly, the width of the bolt and its length are prime considerations, and you may need to find a product that is suitable for outdoor applications or even marine use. In addition, you may be searching for bolts that are designed for use with specific types of installation equipment or that are applicable for use with general installation tools. While there are many factors to think about when making a purchase of bolts or other types of fasteners for construction or industrial use, you can find the best selection of fasteners through Abrafast.

When you spend time reviewing the products available through Abrafast, you will be pleased to discover that they are high-quality products that are suitable for many types of applications. The heavy duty bolt products that you can purchase through our website are available in numerous sizes for practical use in numerous settings. These products are designed to be fast and easy to install, and because of this, they can increase efficiency and productivity in your work activities. You will not need to drill oversized holes. Furthermore, they all have a Dacralon coating that provides you with the security of knowing that the bolts will hold up well over time. You can purchase the bolts in a wide range of quantities to meet your needs, and Abrafast provides you with excellent pricing discounts with a high volume purchase.

While you can purchase a heavy duty bolt at a wide range of venues, Abrafast is the best option. You can place your order for high-quality products such as these bolts and any other fastening products that you need through our website. All products featured through Abrafast are made with function and value in mind, and Abrafast has a simplified and easy-to-use website that makes it convenient to place orders as needed. Because most products are available in stock for immediate shipment, you can benefit from rapid delivery of your order when you make your purchase through Abrafast.

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