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• Structural Products

At Abrasive & Fastening Solutions we offer a full product line of structural products.
*  A325 Heavy Hex Head Assembled Bolt, Nut, & Washers
*  A325 Tension Control Bolts
*  A325 Heavy Hex Bolts - Both Plain & Galvanized
*  A490 Heavy Hex Bolt Plain
*  Structural Grade Nuts - Both Plain & Galvanized
*  Structural Grade Flat Washers - Both Plain & Galvanized
*  Material Certifications available upon request

•  Structural Bolts
A325 Structural Heavy Hex Head Bolt Plain; A325 Heavy Hex Head Bolt Only Hot Dipped Galvanized; A490 Heavy Hex Bolt Plain; A325 Heavy Hex Bolt, Nut, & Washer Assembled; F1852(A325) Tension Control Bolts
•  Structural Nuts
DH and 2H Heavy Hex Structural Grade Nuts Hot Plain; DH and 2H Heavy Hex Structural Grade Nuts Hot Dipped Galvanized
•  Structural Washers
Structural Grade F436 Washer Plain; Structural Grade F436 Washer Galvanized

At Abrasive and Fastening Solutions, Inc., we offer you a full line of structural products designed to fit virtually any sort of construction project needs you have. One of the most popular types of structural products we offer are structural bolts. Our structural bolts come in a variety of sizes and styles so that no matter what kind of diameter or bolt style you need, we are sure to be able to accommodate it. In addition to offering you the bolts themselves, we also offer nuts and washers to go with them. We even have kits that include everything from the bolts to the nuts and the washers.

We have everything from tension control bolts to hex head bolts. Our bolts come in both galvanized forms and plain forms. No matter whether you need bolts ½ inch in diameter, 5/8 inches in diameter, or ¾ inches in diameter, we have sizes to accommodate your needs. Additionally, we can provide you with material certifications upon request.

At Abrasive and Fastening Solutions, Inc., our customers are our number one priority. We strive to go above and beyond what you expect from a construction supplier company. We go out of our way to accommodate any requests you have, whether it is simply sending your material certifications or designing your custom products. For instance, we custom design L-shaped sag rods and anchor bolts for our customers who have trouble finding those products in the specifications they need.

In addition to offering you bolts, nuts, and washers for your structures, we also offer a variety of other types of anchoring and fastening solutions. Whether you need to fasten something to concrete, brick, or a hollow surface, we have the tools and appropriate supplies you need. Plus, most of our products are easy to install and don’t require any specialized tools. Browse our inventory for anything you need for your current or future design projects, and don’t hesitate to email or call us with any questions or concerns you may have about any of our products.