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• Thin Wall (TW) Bolt

Thin Wall Bolt from BLINDBOLT on Vimeo.

Thin Wall bolts are finished with a zinc electroplate. This finish allows for greater protection against erosion and the elements. These Thin Wall are small and do not require large holes and are easy to install. Like other blind bolts, Thin Walls make assembling building and equipment quickly and efficiently. 

Thin Wall Bolts were created for lightweight steel sheet or cladding materical. With a strong shear capacity, Thin Bolts should be considered when designing and building. 

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Thin Wall Blind Bolts - Yellow - Zinc
Thin Wall (TW) Bolt Zinc Yellow
Price: From $2.13 to $5.63
Thin Wall (TW) Bolt Zinc Yellow
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Thin Wall (TW) Bolt

While most fasteners are available for purchase with an affordable per unit price, the fact is that your staff may need to use dozens or even hundreds of these fasteners per day or week. The cost of the fasteners when used in bulk can be considerable, and you may be looking for a great way to purchase high-quality fasteners at an affordable price. When you are shopping for a thin wall bolt to use in your applications, you want to shop online with Abrafast.

Abrafast is a true leader in fasteners, and we also supply industrial and construction industry professionals with cutting and abrasive supplies and equipment. One of the more popular types of fasteners that you can invest in through Abrafast is the thin wall bolt. This bolt is suitable for use with a lightweight steel material or another similar type of cladding material. Its unique design makes it ideal for blind fixing applications. There are no special tools required for installation, and a standard-sized hole is suitable. Once installed properly, the bolt creates a low profile and rather neat-looking appearance that is flush with the surface. While the finished result can be beautiful, the bolt is also designed to be fast and easy to install. This means that you and your work crew can complete the task at hand with minimal time and effort required. Altogether, there are numerous benefits that you can enjoy with the thin wall bolt, and Abrafast is your best online resource when making a purchase.

When you shop online for your bolts and other products through Abrafast, you can benefit from affordable rates and fast shipping. This bolt is available with a discount on bulk orders, and this means that you can enjoy greater savings and convenience when you purchase all of the bolts you need with one order. We strive to keep most of our products in stock at all times for immediate shipment to you, so you never have to wait long for your orders to arrive when you shop online with Abrafast. Take time to learn more about these bolts and other quality products we offer today.