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Blind Bolts

Access restricted on one side...Don't want to Thru Bolt... Can't Weld...Don't want to drill an Oversized Hole... You need a Blind Bolt!

Blind Bolts are the innovative solution for any connection to a hollow section. With three types available you can choose the product that fits your application. The grip range will typically help ensure the right product for the job.

Blind Bolts Benefits
*Attach Directly into Steel Tube
*No Oversized Holes
*Corrosion Resistant
*No Welding
*No Expensive Tooling
*Quick and Easy Installations
*Metric Sizes Available Upon Request

Blind Bolts - Dacralon Finish - Stainless Steel

Blind Bolt - Dacralon Finish
and Stainless Steel

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Blind Bolts - Heavy Duty Bolt

Heavy Duty (HD) Bolt - Dacralon Finish
and Stainless Steel

Click Here for a Video Demonstration

Certain situations might arise where you have access restricted on one side of the structure you’re working on. However, you will still need an anchoring solution. You might not want to bolt through the structure, and perhaps welding isn’t an option. You also might not want to drill an oversized hole, so what do you do to fix the problem? In such instances, you can use blind bolts as the perfect solution. Blind bolts are the most innovative solutions for connecting to hollow sections, and we offer a variety of them here at Abrasive and Fastening Solutions, Inc.

There is a variety of benefits for using these types of bolts. First of all, these bolts attach directly into steel tubes and eliminate the need for unsightly, oversized holes. Additionally, they don’t require any welding or expensive tooling. To top all of that off, our bolts are resistant to corrosion and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate virtually any construction needs that you may have. They are quick and easy to install, and we even offer them in metric sizes upon request.

Our bolts come in two types of finishes: dacralon and stainless steel. Although dacralon is the finishing standard, we also offer them in stainless steel for customers who prefer the stainless steel look. Not only are these types of bolts easy to install, but they don’t require any special sort of power tools. They can even be removed without causing any damage, unlike some other types of anchors. No longer is fixing a box or girder cavity a problem with the innovation of these types of bolts.

These types of bolts have become so popular that they are changing the way architects and builders approach their designs. They offer easier, more innovative solutions for a variety of types of design challenges. In addition to being innovative solutions, these types of bolts also reduce costs. Therefore, they not only save builders time and hassle, but they also save them money as well. Browse our selection of bolts to find easy solutions to your design dilemmas.
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